Early Evening Cruising


Giving me the hairy eyeball

Several months ago my youngest daughter graduated nursing school and moved 500 miles from home to work in a hospital.  Soon after she started the job she became more and more anxious about her new career.  She worried that she’d made the wrong decision with nursing.  The patient/nurse ratio was overwhelming, the other nurses were proficient and confident while she second-guessed everything she did.  A few doctors were demeaning and condescending and she started calling home every couple of nights with increasing panic.

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A Few Minutes in the Life Of

armscrossed12 (2)I don’t like shopping for groceries. It’s not the food or the store, it’s the people. I like ordering my groceries online from HyVee and I’m going to write an article soon about how much I love that great new convenience.

In the meantime, this is a fairly typical account of almost any housekeeping chore which requires that I leave the comfort of my little house. I love my little house. I’m home a lot and most often I’m home alone. I’m almost always happy about that. I love you little house.

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This Week in Blogs

For the past several weeks I’ve been inundated–baptized if you will, with the operations end of blogging.

I’m a writer. A storyteller.  That’s what I do. I’m also a creator of things, which writer types tend to be. I create businesses and websites and blogs and then I fill the sites with essays and stories.  I take it all very seriously even when there’s no pay in it.

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Dream Big Debuts Kansas City

dreambig (2)

Dream Big Dream often

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Throwback Wednesday

I ate a  raw shrimp on a dare that day.  All sailors eat raw shrimp, the fishermen told me. Looking back I realize it was just another cruel joke…

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The Train, by Ann Cavitt Fisher

Life, love, and death on a trip from Amsterdam to Paris. The train picked up speed as it left the station in a little town not far from Amsterdam. We passed so close to a row of houses I felt I could touch them, all neat, all the same. Lace curtains hung in each window, and a dusting […]

via The Train — Ann Cavitt Fisher

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Nashville Film Festival Grand Jury Winner

*Grand Jury Prize for Best Student Short, Nashville Film Festival 2016

*Official Selection Nashville Film Festival, 2016

Gogurt Teaser from Hilary Bell on Vimeohttp://www.gogurtmovie.com/




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Cruisin’ on a sunday Afternoon

It’s been awhile since I’ve done any real networking on WP. I started my little blog surf project today with  OPMan…the expert in all things network.  If you are a new blogger and want to immerse yourself in effective networking, Jason is your go-to guy.  Be careful though, you could easily get lost over there.  Take a look at the Meet & Greets Jason does in the blog community and add your link if you haven’t already.

Meet Jason Cushman @ Opinonated Man/Harshreality

Featured Image -- 238


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Keeping your Man-Card in Tact


The First Time Around…1981


I sat in the outside suite seats beside a hipster guy with linty cornrows all over his sweaty head.  He’d also braided his goatee into a tiny greasy straight line which hung off his chin like shiny well-disciplined drool.  He had several gold teeth, made the sign of the cross and prayed before eating each plateful of free food, which was almost constantly.


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Share Your Link Here

I’ll be working on an essay for bzirkworld for the next several days.  In the meantime, please share your link in a comment here.  Happy blogging!


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Promote Another Blogger???

**Just to clarify***   This is a re-blog of an article found @ https://aopinionatedman.com/    This is not my article–just a good one so I shared it.

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Adding Self-hosted Sites to Your Reader

This is a quick way to add your favorite self-hosted sites to your WordPress Reader from the new self-hosted site of Opinionated Man:

Danny from http://www.dreambigdreamoften.co/ shared a helpful tip for adding my new self-hosted blog to your reader. He suggested the below steps!

“If you copy Jason’s URL you can create a List in Reader and add his url to that list.  I do so for Self-Hosted bloggers and am able to keep up with their posts easier because I can read and comment straight from my Reader.  And this applies to nonWP blogs as well.

Thanks Danny for sharing some clear steps for people that want to follow my new blog from their WordPress accounts!

-Opinionated Man

Jason C. Cushman

Visit my homepage at www.aopinionatedman.com



Please feel free to add a link to your site in the comments here so that I can add your site to my WP Reader and/or follow your blog.


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To Click or Not to Click: Why Don’t People Click Links?

Do Unto Others ~ Daniel Ray of Dream Big Dream Often questions bloggers who want to increase the number of followers but fail to return the favor.

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