This Week in Blogs

For the past several weeks I’ve been inundated–baptized if you will, with the operations end of blogging.

I’m a writer. A storyteller.  That’s what I do. I’m also a creator of things, which writer types tend to be. I create businesses and websites and blogs and then I fill the sites with essays and stories.  I take it all very seriously even when there’s no pay in it.


Lavatory Laboratory of ideas

Turns out there’s a whole other aspect to my little laboratory of ideas and creations that I haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about until last week:  Operations. Marketing.

I’ve since evolved from the timid hope that someone will come over here and read my work and like it (and tell me so) to boldly inviting people to look at it. Hope wasn’t really working out very well. Inviting people works better.

As I said in a recent blog post, I stumbled into a couple of bloggers who shamelessly share blog links and invite bloggers and writers and creators of websites to post their work and show off a bit and introduce themselves to the thousands of followers these guys enjoy.  They’ve been at it awhile.  They get the operations aspect of blogging. I’ve never been a big picture kind of person so six years after starting this blog I’m just now seeing some traffic on it.  And comments.  And interaction.  It’s heady stuff. I’m almost embarrassed by my reaction to it.

I’d prefer to be a snob about the whole thing and just sort of turn my nose up at rattling my own cage for attention. I’ve always thought of myself as a purist.  I only write for me. Who cares about an audience?

Well.  As I mentioned in another blog post, people actually reading my words and then commenting and interacting is like a drug.  An illegal drug.  Or a nice prescription drug.  No, not an antibiotic, the other kind. Turns out I’m an addict.  I like the exposure. I’ve thought entirely too much about it lately.

What this recent exposure has also done is make me a little self-conscious.  Gaining 80 new followers in the past two weeks has forced me to think twice about slapping just any old essay or article up on my blog. I have an obligation now to write something half-way decent.  It goes without saying then that I now have a writer’s block the likes of which I haven’t experienced since my days of last-minute deadline writing for a weekly newspaper. I was a lot younger then and the stress of it only served to make me skinnier and edgier. Now that I’m old, the opposite effect has added three pounds to my already fat ass in the last week alone and here I am writing a sophomoric essay on marketing my blog. Surely there’s balance somewhere for me.

Here’s the big payoff and I guess the balance to all this newfound big-picture marketing and interacting that Jason @aopinionatedMan and DonCharisma found out a long time ago:  Community Building.   It serves two purposes;  feeding the addiction and finding new, compelling, talented, humorous, unique voices to inspire and entertain.

Writers read as much as they write.  I do, anyway.  Finding other bloggers who share little pieces of their lives, their work and their humor is the payoff.  My two-week tour of networking with other bloggers has garnered 80 new opportunities to be inspired, to share a little humanity from places as far away as Australia, Germany, East Africa, Canada, Mexico and just around the corner in Missouri.

So.  All that said, and I know, I know, I rattle on and on, I created this extension to my main blog, Bzirkworld, as a place to share my new network of friends.  I’ve been stunned at some of the brilliant writing I’ve stumbled on with the help of networking sites like Opinionated Man and Don Charisma.  I also found some great blogs thanks to Dream Big, Dream Often.

My regular blog theme does not include a lot of plugins or a sidebar where I can post a blogroll so I can’t display the blogs as I want.  And, I don’t want a regular blogroll because I think readers tend to ignore them or they become static.

I’m still deciding how exactly I will introduce my new friends to my newer friends and build an even bigger community here.  I may steal the mega-blogger’s idea and do invitations to share links.  I don’t know.  I’ll be fiddling with it all evening.

If you’ve read this far I’ll be somewhat amazed.  I wish I could cookiereward you somehow.  With a cookie or something.  Or, how ’bout I share your link?  Let me know.





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33 Responses to This Week in Blogs

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  2. I appreciate the mention and I am always happy to see bloggers stepping out of their comfort zone and learning the value of online engagement. It is hard work, thankless work, but as you said the reward is for the “doer!” I hope you enjoy growing your network as much as I have on WP! 🙂

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  3. bzirkone says:

    Thanks OM, looks like I am learning from the masters. It is a bit consuming and I won’t always have the kind of time something like this requires, especially without any kind of monetary reward but it does force me to write and sometimes that’s all I really need.


  4. Reblogged this on HarsH ReaLiTy and commented:
    I always appreciate kind words and an honest blog review. Thanks for taking the time to appreciate what I do daily and for understanding why some of us do what we do online. It isn’t always easy for people to make the connection and when bloggers do eventually “get it” it makes us appreciate the recognition even more. You have the blogging spirit and wonderful online engagement. I am sure we will see your star rise as well this year. Happy blogging! -OM
    Note: Comments disabled here. Please visit their blog.

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  5. Bipolarbrainiac says:

    I like your attitude. If they don’t get it, you don’t want them anyway.

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  6. bzirkone says:

    Ha.. a kindred spirit? Thanks for the encouragement. I’m stalking your blog as we speak… bz

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  7. I read through 😊 maybe sharing a link might be a way to start.

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  8. You have a great attitude. Please continue writing, writing, writing. I’ll look forward to reading it.

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  9. You really good with words like the way you have shaped up this post. Please do continue writing I’m myself new to blogging and in my sometime here I have learn sharing is caring. 🙂

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  10. bzirkone says:

    Thank you Megha Agrawal. I appreciate your kind words. Good luck with your blog. I have followed it and will enjoy watching you develop your art.


  11. The C-Sweet says:

    Well put. Keep feeding that f’ing badger!

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  12. Amy says:

    I can relate. I don’t have the time to post and read and comment and build, but when I do the results speak fo themselves. It’s great to read this tonight before I close my eyes. I don’t feel as much of a failure.

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    • bzirkone says:

      I read some of your work this evening. You’d hardly qualify as a failure. Good job on the Christie article. I’m jealous.

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      • Amy says:

        Thanks for that. Yes, I’ve been chasing that for two years now. My blog is a way to stretch my writing legs and see what happens on my own. It’s, as I think you pointed out, about continuing to write through the block.

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  13. dray0308 says:

    I am not sure how I missed this ping back! I was never notified so I apologize for not recognizing your generosity! I was going through your page and found this mention and wanted to say thank you big time! One bad note, I moved some posts around which broke the link you shared. I apologize for the inconvenience. I hope all is well with you and love your page!

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  14. bzirkone says:

    I’m not sure how you keep up with any of it. My paltry 100 followers has absolutely done in my schedule this past week. I’m increasingly impressed with what you guys have pulled off with the networking blogs. Mine will only be a scaled-down version of it at best. I’ll fix the link. Thanks for the comment.


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  16. Holycowgirl says:

    We’re in a brand new marvelous world, skipping the meddlesome middlemen of yore who stood at their gates with fixed bayonets to poke at the eager, gifted, demented, and unacceptable. I think you’ve laid all this out and described the fever very well.


  17. bzirkone says:

    Hahaha…. indeed, and mostly it’s a good thing. Thank you for reading, getting it, and commenting. 🙂


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  19. dray0308 says:

    Reblogged this on DREAM BIG DREAM OFTEN and commented:
    Some of you know my Partner, Bzirkworld. Well, this is an introduction to her Blogroll! Enjoy.

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  20. Tammi Kale says:

    I’ve had my doubts on the blog sharing and promoting posts as well. Nice hearing your perspective of it – I too relate to the self-consciousness of a larger number followers although I’m trying to NOT let that sway my thoughts. A difficulty I’m having is keeping up with all the comments! Still trying to get that one worked out…..Great post.

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    • bzirkone says:

      Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I also have family members who follow my main blog, and that actually makes me a little more thoughtful about what I post. I love the comments. Settling in to perusing your blog…looks interesting over there. I can see why you have a hard time keeping up.


  21. LydiaA1614 says:

    With people like Danny at Dream Big and OM guiding you, you can’t lose. I loved this post by the way.

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