Late Night Cruising

Between my regular writing, working, and all the regular stuff in a regular life, I haven’t figured this whole networking thing out just yet.

I did come across this short piece from Jacqueline Obyikocha that I’m sharing because it is a sweet tribute to her childhood friend and includes information about a disease that does not get much air time in the mainstream media.

I remember Sickle Cell Anemia from when I was a child and we did not know much about it but it was very scary.

Jacqueline’s blog is filled with inspiration and happiness as she journals her daily adventures and shares progress about the book she is writing.  She invites bloggers to share their own stories and ideas as well.

A Cooking Pot and Twisted Tales… 

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3 Responses to Late Night Cruising

  1. I totally appreciate this gesture. Thank you very much for the reblog. Have a beautiful weekend.

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  2. A great blog to share! 🙂

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