Sending Views Your Way

I’m a little behind on posting articles here on the new blogroll blog I created a few days ago. This whole blogroll idea came to me late at night and those are the ideas that always seem to look a little different in the morning light.

The real problem though has not been a lack of quality blogs I want to share.  It’s just the opposite.  The deeper I click through links and then other links and then more and more…the more amazing the writers and stories I find.  It’s been a little overwhelming.  Plus, I have a day job and a family.  I have to cook and eat and do all that other stupid stuff.

While I’m wrestling with this whole concept I thought I’d better post something to keep the blogroll in the Reader.  Here’s a photo of a few clicks from my blogroll to other blogs.  I was happy to see the clicks, even if the numbers are not huge.  It’s still kind of fun to see where people come from and go from this blog.



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3 Responses to Sending Views Your Way

  1. Eric says:

    Love the screenshot. Thanks for sharing. I see that I owe you a click!. Is there anything I can be doing do help you out? I’m so lost in clicking links all over the place that I can’t remember what I’ve done or seen. Was the intent to set this blog up to create a “tribe” out of our 2016 Blogging 101 course or? I’m happy to promote or cross promote etc. While I’m at it… on twitter (particularly mondays) you can promote your posts using the hashtag #MondayBlogs and several people will either re-tweet you link; read your post or both. Cheers!

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    • bzirkone says:

      Oh… I didn’t know about Monday blogs. My work is automatically tweeted but I don’t really write on this blogroll blog and it is not connected to my twitter account.

      I only started this one to share links to blogs that I find and love. It was an ambitious idea that came to me in the wee hours and I’m now wondering if I can even pull it off. I’ve found so many good writers and good blogs.

      I’ve heard the reference to tribes but am not sure what they are. If you want to share one of my essays on your blog it would be an honor. It would have to be something from because I don’t really write on this one. Except that weird story I did on shopping.

      Either way–thank you for the comment and offer to help me. I appreciate it very much.

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